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Auburn Café

As summer comes to a close, it is time to look forward to the holidays that are just around the corner. If you are like most people, then the fall/winter holiday season brings excitement and much-needed time with loved ones. “At the Auburn Café, there is a feeling of hometown nostalgia that has always drawn in customers. However, throughout the holidays, patrons come in droves to reconnect with friends and family over a delicious homemade meal with only the freshest ingredients. And of course, we offer several specials just in time for the holidays,” says Kostas Callis of the Auburn Café. Besides the handful of mouth-watering seasonal dishes to choose from such as the Lamb Chop Special, the Auburn Café still offers its Downriver favorites like Saganaki, Greek salad, and Gyros - all year round.

In addition to the welcoming atmosphere and the food, the Auburn Café makes it a point not skimp on the flair during the holiday season. “We want our patrons to feel at home with their families thus we make sure that we decorate for all the major holidays as well as maintain that feeling of nostalgia that our regular patrons hold so dear,” remarks Callis. Of course, if you do not have room on your to-do list to visit the Auburn Café but still crave their wonderful hometown cooking then you are in luck; the Auburn Café offers an extensive catering menu for every occasion including patrons on the go. | DP

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