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CIT | Masters of Their Craft

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Center International Tile & Granite (CIT) is a family-owned and operated business that serves the Downriver and Metro Detroit area. Known for its custom granite installations and superior customer service, CIT was born out of an Italian mason worker’s mastery of his craft generations ago.

CIT owner Paolo Vitale’s father, Vincenzo (Vince) Vitale, grew up in Sicily, where he worked as a masonry laborer. Though he began the craft to provide for himself, he brought his mastery of masonry with him to the United States, offering what Paolo Vitale recognizes today as a legacy of some of the industry’s best craftsmanship. In addition to his unique take on masonry and tile work, Vince Vitale also brought a desire to create something of high quality from start to finish.

Today, Vince Vitale’s mastery of his craft and emphasis on quality are integral components of the day-to-day operations of CIT. The company’s highly skilled granite and tile professionals cut, fabricate, customize, and seal customers’ granite in-house. “Here at CIT, we enjoy being able to provide above-industry standard, in-house services for our customers and being able to make any necessary finishing touches to accommodate our customers’ project or design needs,” Paolo says.

He continues, “We are 100 percent here for our customers, period. So, if they have any questions or need any assistance selecting colors, styles, edging, or even sinks, we want to be involved in the best way possible. This, in a lot of ways, is what makes CIT unique and stand out amongst our competitors, which definitely can be attributed to my father’s upbringing in Sicily.”| DPROFILE

To learn more about CIT’s work, visit or stop by the showroom at 27970 Northline Rd., Romulus.

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