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Downriver Health & Wellness Center

Summer might be drawing to a close, but “work hard, play hard” means there’s still time – and motivation – to be active before the winter blues hit.

Yet it’s no secret that being active can put a strain on the body. The importance of rest days and taking time out to de-stress are vital to staying healthy and fit. Massages are a simple way to de-stress and boost the immune system. For tired and sore muscles, a deep tissue or sports massage can provide the attention to bring a body back to 100%. Downriver Massage and Wellness Center, located in CrossFit Downriver’s facility, specializes in sport and fitness related services that strive to restore one’s body and mind.

Colleen Richards, Co-Owner of Downriver Massage and Wellness Center (DMWC), says, “I watched the athletes of CrossFit Downriver put forth so much time and effort into their exercise routine, some days walking into their workout still sore from yesterday.” Her observations encouraged her to provide a way for athletes’ bodies to heal faster, and DMWC was born. “I thought it would be a fabulous service to offer to athletes,” she explains. In addition to emphasizing de-stressing, the company considers clients’ individual needs in the context of their daily routines. Integrating massage into a healthy lifestyle, along with diet and fitness activities, is all a part of taking care of one’s body.

For CrossFit athletes and prospective massage clients alike DMWC offers effective, client specific bodywork treatments designed for an individual’s personal enjoyment and health. DMWC provides a number of services that span from sports massages, which improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injuries, to therapeutic massage, which enables clients to find relief from chronic pain as well as tension and tightness caused by overworked muscles or injuries. Additionally, deep tissue massages allow a massage therapist to spend more time on a specific problem area, and Swedish massage provide a relaxing experience for those looking to let go of the day.

Regardless of which type of massage best fits their needs, Downriver actives should enjoy the sunshine of the season to a rhythm that makes sense to their bodies: work, play, massage, and repeat. | D PROFILE

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